Frank Miller Reaction Video to Frank Frazetta paintings- Wizard World Austin Comic-Con 2013
Here's a slide show look at the historic, first ever published work of Frank Frazetta. In collaboration with Baily Publishing artist, John Giunta the young artist produced this story showcasing one of his characters, “Snowman.”  The 7 page story appeared in Tally Ho comics, and was published in December of 1944, when Frazetta was only 15 years old.

When asked about the book,
Frank recalled:

“All I did was one story, I was the kid who created the character. I did the pencils, and Giunta did the inking. I was only a kid, I didn't even know how it was done.”
Robert Rodriguez-Led Tour Of Frank Frazetta's Artwork

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The Life and Works of the Master Artist
Frank and Ellie Frazetta in Brooklyn 1954
"We used to have water pistol fights in our apartment in the dark. Have you ever been squirted with water in a pitch black room? Oh, it's creepy! We did all sorts of silly things when we were young. I had to clean up the mess in the morning, but so what? We had fun and it didn't cost a dime."

Frank Frazetta
recalling his
early days with wife Ellie.